Made in Germany these properties are decisive criteria and raise high expectations for those interested. Company knows that it is primary inner values and our stoves are committed to the highest quality. The stoves have been tested in-house developed and constructed and optimized until they could go into the making. High-quality materials, modern production technologies, long experience, quality and attention to detail are the ingredients, in our manufacturing.

Features & Benefits

  • Our modern stoves offer one of the most beautiful ways to heat with wood. With its elegant design, they are far more than just heat dispenser: a piece of jewelry for the sophisticated ambiance
  • The combustion chamber – heart of the fireplace the combustion chambers of all models are designed so that a clean combustion is achieved with extremely low fine dust levels very quickly
  • This technology is the basis on which that the stoves already significantly below the strict limits laid down by the legislator by 2015. Valid for Germany standard DIN EN 13240 is respected as well as the Federal City Ordinance
  • Separately adjustable primary and secondary air and the tertiary air for optimal combustion and best emission levels
  • Undimmed, to enjoy the flames, preventing an efficient disc rinsing soot formation on the window glass ceramic
  • A height adjustment ensures that the proper State, while the flue pipe connection possibility allows the ideal placement to the top and back
  • Connection for external combustion air makes the fireplace independent of room air and prevent negative effects
  • Heated area of 50m2
  • The stove burning chamber can accomodate 33 cm long pieces of firewood.



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