The Inis Mor Mk2 boiler is the largest boiler stove in the family of Inis stoves. And it is designed to satisfy the most demanding of central heating applications. Built with high quality steel and a massive construction makes this boiler a long lasting product, while delivering sustainable and dependable heat all year round.

Features & Benefits

  • Classical design with heavy duty cast iron baffle plates, providing excellent elevated firebox temp.
  • The convection and clean burn system gives increased efficiency and reduced emission
  • Air wash system ensures clean glass giving uninterrupted view of fire
  • Fully controllable damper for safer and easy operation
  • External riddling mechanism makes stoking the fire much safer
  • Output: To water 18.5kW nominal, 21.5 kw max
  • Output: To room 9.5kw nominal, 12 kW max
  • Possibility to connect flue from top and from back
  • Stove has possibility to include external air supply input


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