All our finest work comes through the service we provide to our customers.


Our modern stoves offer one of the most beautiful ways to heat with wood. With its elegant design, they are far more than just heat dispenser: a piece of jewelry for the sophisticated ambiance. The lively play of the flames, the Crackle of the logs and the natural warmth, create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Highly developed technology ideally exploited the renewable fuel wood – with high efficiency and low emissions. Local wood heating also makes an inexpensive alternative compared with energy from fossil fuels.


Made in Germany these properties are decisive criteria which raise high expectations for those interested. Company knows that it is primary inner values and our stoves are committed to the highest quality. The stoves have been tested in-house developed and constructed and optimized until they could go into the making. High-quality materials, modern production technologies, long experience, quality and attention to detail are the ingredients, in our manufacturing. The company places special importance that the production completely happens in Germany.


We have a wide network of sales operating all over Europe and in Asia. And the key to our success lies in good service and attitude.

After sales support

In business sales can go up or down but our service always stays forever. Because we truly believe that the real work begins after the sales. And we thrive hard to keep our customers happy and satisfied at any point of time.